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Jerome L. Goolsby
Technical Sergeant, USAF (Retired)

Welcome to my web site. I hope you enjoy the visit here.

The are several levels to this site. Each level is to show a few aspects of what I enjoy, some idea of what makes me tick (more or less), and some things I just found interesting and intriguing. Just click on any area in this site that is underlined and in color and watch what develops.....

To find out a little about my life story (wordy and boring, but such is the way of the world), either click on my military rank insignia or click here.

To see a special page about my work with the Boy Scouts of America, just click here.

To see a special series of graphics pages about my military life, just click here.

To see my military rank insignia, just click here.

To see my military medals, click here.

To see my military "ribbon rack", just click here.

To see a page about places I've been, click here.

I'm a sports enthusiast (it's a guy thing....what can I say ?). I enjoy auto racing, (especially the accomplishments of RICHARD PETTY), baseball, football, bowling, and golf. Just click on the area and see what specifics I like in each.

To see my collection, click here.

To see my special "art gallery", click here.

And what would any web site be without a page of ? Just click on the LINKS icon or here to access my links directory.

And last (but not least) you will find a listing of the Web Rings I belong to. If you have a web site and want to get more visitors, I strongly suggest you put your site in a Web Ring. You can find out more about Web Rings at http://www.webring.org. I also have an ICQ Pager Panel on this page. Feel free to page me - who knows, you might get lucky and find me online....and if you have an ICQ number and want to add me to your listing, send me an e-mail.

I hope you find this site enjoyable. And please do check back often, and leave a note in my guestbook.

Let me know what you think of this site.
Send mail to me at
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